SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence 50ml


SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence 50ml


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SKII's new essence contains the latest breakthrough in Whitening technology. Re-coded with PITERATM infused GenOptics Aura Complex, it reduces your skin's hidden and visible spot formations to reveal a spot-less aura glow. This leaves skin looking radiant from within.
With a new, specially designed auto-fill dropper, one full drop will provide the optimal dosage for best results.
This lightweight, milky essence spreads easily and can be quickly absorbed by skin.


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On the outside, skin looks flawless. But on the inside* melanin is hard at work as UV rays cause it to cluster, rise to the surface, and cloud up skin.
But there's a bright side. NEW GenOptics. Re-coded to pack the power and brilliance of Aura Complex, it works to help diminish those spots. From within*, spot-less aura emerges. And destiny changes.

how to use
Pump the dropper once into the palm of your hand to get the optimal dosage for one-time use. Smooth evenly over face. *Apply extra Essence on concerned areas.